Receive the Best Offers by Making These Changes When Selling Your Crestview Home

Receive the Best Offers by Making These Changes When Selling Your Crestview Home

  • Joe & Cara Keenan
  • 05/9/23

Crestview is an intimate North Austin neighborhood that buyers love for its mix of urban and suburban energy. Sellers listing their Crestview homes for sale can count on many perks of the location that buyers love. However, there are a few ways to increase the chances of a great offer. Make one of these seven changes when selling your home.

Time it correctly

Choosing the right time to sell depends on several different factors. As a seller, it’s best to list when the local market is favorable. Monitor trends like rising median prices, increasing closed sales, and low levels of inventory. These trends mark conditions that lean in sellers’ favor. Seasonality also has a large impact on a home’s sale, as most buyers start their searches in spring. Be sure to consider personal constraints that may limit your ability to commit to a home sale.

In Austin neighborhoods like Crestview, sellers should monitor slowing market trends. Home sales have decreased 31% compared to last year, while average days on market have increased to 73 days. Inventory is low but rising, up to 2.7 months compared to last year’s 0.6 months. Median sale prices have also been affected, down 3%. Work with REALTORSⓇ like Joe & Cara with Keenan Property Group to best navigate this market that is different from years pastt.

Don’t overprice

Another aspect of a sale that impacts buyers’ offers is list price. Sellers who overprice their properties risk their listing lingering on the market. A listing that spends more time on the market becomes less desirable to buyers. You may have to reprice the home if buyers aren’t approaching the property. However, underpricing the home can cause sellers to lose out on profit.

Work with a RealtorⓇ to determine a competitive listing price for your property. They have the resources needed to make a competitive market analysis. This compares the prices of similar properties in the area. Currently, Crestview properties have a median price of $595,000. They’ll also factor in your home’s location, condition, and buyer competition in the area. Pricing your Crestview real estate correctly ensures it gets the most attention from qualified buyers with a genuine interest in the property.

Work with a professional

To get the best initial offers, work with local professionals like Joe & Cara Keenan with Keenan Property Group. They have experience completing home sales just like yours. With this expertise, they can help you time your sale, set a listing price, and prepare your property for the most success. They’ll also have connections to services like home inspectors, home contractors for light, make-ready renovations, and professional photographers to highlight the wonderful qualities of your home. Joe & Cara are boots on the ground in the day to day Austin real estate market, representing both buyers and sellers, and are knowledgeable about contract form changes.  With this, they can provide valuable advice to clients.

When deciding on a professional to partner with, ask questions that clarify their areas of expertise. Asking about a REALTORSⓇ sale-to-list ratio can give sellers an idea of their success. Also make sure you feel comfortable communicating with the REALTORⓇ. An individual can ask for references from past clients to help make their decision.

Complete needed repairs

To avoid complications further down the road, complete all necessary repairs. Having major home issues can drag down your home’s value. Buyers may also back out of an offer when learning about a home’s problems. A good way to gauge what needs to be done with the property is to get a pre-listing inspection. This reveals issues that are hard to see with the untrained eye. Focus on problems that affect the home’s value, functionality, and safety.

Sellers can expect a few common issues found in a home inspection. Roofing issues are common and range from broken shingles, venting issues, leaks, or major structural damages. If a home is older, like many in Crestview, it’s advised to pay special attention to electrical wiring and plumbing to ensure that the home is safe and functioning property. Also make sure you have adequate drainage around the home to avoid water damage.

Select upgrades carefully

Before listing Crestview homes and condos, sellers may complete a few upgrades. Carefully selected upgrades can increase a home’s value and boost buyer interest. Consult your REALTORⓇ when choosing a project that buyers in the area are interested in and that has a high ROI. A popular project in Austin is to renovate an outdoor area. Outdoor additions increase the amount of usable space in a home. Things like a covered deck or patio provide an area for buyers to relax, socialize, or cook. Other popular upgrades include a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, and energy efficient additions.

Stage your property

Staging a property can have a large impact on how quickly it sells and the type of offers you receive. In fact, staged homes can sell for 5-15% over asking price with a small 1% investment. Staged homes also sell between three to 30 times faster than listings that aren’t staged. If you do skip staging, you may be risking a price reduction up to 20 times the average. Staging is so powerful because it helps buyers visualize a space. It makes rooms look spacious and welcoming. Photographs of staged homes appear more professional, which increases its perceived value. Joe & Cara have fantastic connections with Austin staging companies.

Know how to negotiate

Even with a perfect home listing, sellers should prepare for negotiations. Buyers will be looking for opportunities to lower a listing price. Typically, they gain bargaining power after a home inspection. Be ready to compromise on some aspects of the offer. If a buyer senses you aren’t cooperative, they may become equally as uncooperative. Also, there are aspects other than price that make an offer stand out. Decide what’s most valuable to you when entering negotiations.

Ready to sell your Crestview home?

To boost the initial offers you receive on your home, try following the tips above. Initial timing and pricing can have a big effect on the amount and quality of offers you receive. To prepare your home correctly, partner with a local REALTORⓇ. They have the local market knowledge necessary to price your property, help with upgrades and staging, and negotiate offers. When you’re ready to list your home, contact experienced REALTORSⓇ Joe and Cara Keenan with Keenan Property Group.

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