What Families Need to Look for When Choosing a Neighborhood

What Families Need to Look for When Choosing a Neighborhood

  • Joe & Cara Keenan
  • 03/29/23

Are you considering relocating to a new home in Rollingwood, Texas, and starting the arduous process of searching for the right neighborhood? Finding the right neighborhood for your family can be difficult, as there are many variables to consider. Read on to find out what you should look for when choosing a neighborhood for your growing family in Rollingwood, Texas!

1. Homes

This might be a no-brainer, but when you start researching neighborhoods, the first thing you need to consider is the homes. In Rollingwood, Texas, there are a variety of houses, from contemporary style to custom-built homes. When researching neighborhoods, consider factors such as size, style, number of bedrooms, location, and cost. For example, you can choose from stately mansions with many bedrooms and expansive lots. In addition, these upscale homes are on picturesque tree-lined streets surrounded by natural scenery. As for the cost, the median home price is just over $3 million, with many of the Rollingwood homes for sale priced well above that figure. If the style, size, and cost of a home in Rollingwood seem to fit your lifestyle and budget, then this could be a great neighborhood for your family!

2. Proximity to attractions

Another important attribute you should consider is the neighborhood’s location. You might want to ask yourself where the neighborhood is located and its proximity to shops, restaurants, and other entertaining attractions. Rollingwood, Texas, is a commuter community located south of the tranquil Colorado River. Even though Rollingwood is primarily a suburban neighborhood with few attractions inside the perimeter, there are many things to do close by. Rollingwood is just minutes from the thriving downtown area in Austin, where you can find a variety of upscale shopping districts, restaurants, museums, and parks. For instance, the 2nd Street District offers a fantastic selection of upscale boutiques, fine dining restaurants, and other attractions.
Consider also the vibrant Sixth Street, which offers an extensive array of dining options with live entertainment, creative cocktails, and exciting nightlife. From getting a relaxing full-body treatment at the Lake Austin Spa Resort to golfing at the luxurious and historical Austin Country Club, there is something for everyone just a quick drive away!

3. Commute time

As a bedroom community, 72% of residents commute to work in cities such as Austin. The average commute time for those living in Rollingwood is 19 minutes, which is under the national average. Short commute times make it easy to commute from homes in Rollingwood to work. When considering if the Rollingwood neighborhood is right for you, consider mapping out the route from your prospective home to your workplace. You could also go on a test drive to check the road conditions and traffic issues. Consider how you would feel making the same drive day in and day out. With relatively short commute times, many love living in Rollingwood, Texas!

4. Schools

Students in Rollingwood can attend the highly-rated schools in the Eanes Independent School District. The Eanes Independent School District was ranked as the tenth-best school district in the country based on factors such as academic performance and rigor, extracurricular activities, resources available, and quality of teaching instruction. In addition, the schools in this district boast small classes, highly qualified teachers, and high test scores. Most students go to Westlake High School, which has received a College Success Award for going above and beyond in preparing students for college. From elementary to high school, you can be assured that your students will receive an exemplary education that will prepare them for college and beyond!

5. Plans for development

Another critical factor that you need to consider is whether there are any plans for developments in the future. Sometimes new construction in a neighborhood can impact the value of the home. Consider visiting the City Hall to see if any shops, restaurants, schools, or parks are planned in the near future. If you ever need to move away, these potential new developments could affect the resale value of your home.

6. Walkability

As a small suburban community, Rollingwood, TX, consists of many stately homes, expansive parks, and open spaces. With a walk score of 37, most people living in Rollingwood get around by car. It is just a few minutes' drive to enjoy all that nearby downtown Austin has to offer — fabulous shops, upscale restaurants, and exciting cultural festivities. Most sought-after attractions are just a short drive away!

7. Walk the neighborhood yourself!

The best way to see if a neighborhood is right for you is by visiting it. Consider visiting the neighborhood at different times of the day. For example, visiting the neighborhood on the weekend would be a different experience from visiting it during the week when many people are at work and school. You could walk the tree-lined streets, see what the homes are like, and even visit some parks within walking distance.
Rollingwood Park is located in the heart of Rollingwood and is easily accessible by foot from many homes for sale. This spacious park has picnic tables, play structures, and community gardens. You could also talk to the people who live in these neighborhoods. You could find out what they like or dislike about the neighborhood, which is not something that can easily be found through a simple Google search or an authoritative website. By visiting the neighborhood in person, you can better understand what it would be like to live in Rollingwood, Texas!

8. Consult your Rollingwood, Texas, real estate agent

Another source of information is your real estate agent! A real estate agent often has extensive localized insight and knowledge of the neighborhood. Because they have worked with clients who have found and sold homes in Rollingwood, they can share their expertise with you. They can also help determine if your lifestyle would be an excellent fit for this neighborhood!
If you’re hoping to buy a home in Rollingwood, Texas, you need to meet with real estate agents Joe & Cara Keenan! Joe & Cara have the expertise and skills to help you find your dream home in a neighborhood that aligns with all your must-haves!

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